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Isn’t this something? I adore these new Louis Vuitton denim designs. I find the grey (Gris) denim to be a little more subtle and with the times than the typical blue denim which was hot as all heck about five years back when LV started the whole new denim bag craze. The Daily GM is a wonderful design – simple, luxurious, tons of space, easy to carry, easy to accessorize.

The Louis Vuitton handbags you get from PV are universally on a higher plain then just about any other replica handbags vendor. There is a real mastery going on here that you just don’t see elsewhere. The Daily GM is another example of an amazing bag that’s been faithfully recreated with more precision than any other vendor.

Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag

The coloring of this bag is a little off (the original is a bit brighter, which led me to seek out other replica handbags sites that carry the Denim Daily GM to see if anyone did a better job – not even close. The slight color variation is really a small difference compared to the long list of mistakes committed by the many dozens of Louis Vuitton handbags replica tors that I sorted through.

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