The Unveiling of Teenage Fashion and Lifestyle brand Ria Maria

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Ria Maria Image

Last Week, I attended the event for a brand new lifestyle brand Ria Maria at Al Joud Center, Dubai.

It was a fun-filled fashion event and the audience included 100’s of teenagers from all across the UAE.

The event included Dance, Music, Stunts, Freestyle and the most vibrant and stylish collections displayed through a fashion show.

I checked out their store recently and simply loved the collection they feature. Their outfits and accessories are fresh, trendy, bold and very much in-style for the teens and youngsters of the generation….

More from the Brand


The new lifestyle brand, Ria Maria, is making a bold statement in the UAE by challenging antiquated traditions in women’s fashion. The Ria Maria girls are young and live active and wildly effervescent lifestyles. They easily navigate the hustle of the big city with cheeky smiles in their back pockets, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. The core of the brand is about beauty in the simplicity of a minimalist, urban chic aesthetic. One size fits most means that clothing is meant to be easily mixed, matched and layered. The collection makes basic wardrobe staples stand out for all the right reasons.


The founder and creative inspiration for the brand, Ria Roy, is a vivacious 16 year old brimming with passion. She is an accomplished dancer and performer whose edgy stylistic preferences shape and influence the ensembles of girls around her. Ria was born and raised as a British expatriate in Dubai, but has also gained a diverse and informed perspective through her visits worldwide and multi-ethnic background (with a father from India and mother from Lithuania).

The new Ria Maria shop in the Al Joud Centre offers a first look into the unique aesthetic of the brand. A distinctive retro feel permeates the store with textured wood panelling, low hanging lightbulbs with brightly glowing filaments, and a haphazard smattering of unique pieces of art and signage.


Ria Maria offers an effortless solution to girls seeking to inject their wardrobes and lifestyle with a distinctive edginess. The brand isn’t for everyone, but rather for those girls who dare to be bold. It is for the girls who never complain and never explain.

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