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Chanel Cruise Cuba collection Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

On days like these, when the outside temperature feels like what my iPhone tells me -20 degrees Celsius, there’s nothing else we can do than stay inside, and imagine ourselves in more favorable temperatures. If it were only a few degrees above zero, I would imagine myself going out in this sunny Chanel Cruise Cuba collection outfit for brunch. Of course with an appropriate coat one top – I’m still eyeing the Balenciaga puffer and waiting anxiously for it to go on sale… which probably won’t happen anywhere near where I live. I’m drifting off, what I really wanted to say is that when it is cold…

… and then I mean REALLY cold as well as “doable” cold, key is to wear your layers. No rocket science here, I know, but what is something you can reconsider is how to wear your layers. Not only going with base layers that we don’t see, but go for that turtleneck under your slip-dress, or a pair of cropped skinny jeans under your midi-skirt. It might feel completely weird, but in fact, nowadays, fashion isn’t a much about the perfect ratio of the combination you are wearing. It’s much more about personal freedom in the way we wear things, and how we combine them. Proportions are allowed to be odd, the perfect fit isn’t key – although wearing something too small will never be in fashion I think – and I almost feel the need to say “when a look feels slightly uncomfortable due to the above mentioned, you probably are on the right track”.

So transforming this look into something I could actually wear today – reminder, it feels like -20 degrees Celsius outside – I would 1. add a huge puffer coat 2. wear a thin turtleneck under my top 3. Add silky sparkly little socks in my shoes 4. and finish it off with a beanie.

Ready to conquer the cold, in “inappropriate” style.

Chanel Cruise Cuba collection Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

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