Womens’s Day collection from Liali

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From strings of pearls to diamond studded magnificence; Liali’s hand-picked collection is all about accentuating feminine grace. Show your love with precious jewellery to light up graceful moments of womanhood.

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Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pave Bracelet: Striking a Chord

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Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pave Bracelet

Valentine’s Day always creeps up quickly on you. Who’s your date? Where will you go? What will you wear? It can be a lot to plan, but Monica Vinader has the last bit covered with a new diamond Fiji bracelet launched for the holiday! Each Fiji friendship bracelet comes with a symbolically colored cord. In this case, the red cord (meant to provide luck – no better holiday for that, huh?) is perfectly on theme with love’s big day, and the addition of sliding diamond toggles seems all too appropriate for an extra special gift. Between the bold sterling silver bar and pave diamonds, the popular Fiji is undeniably grown-up and glam. Get the jewel in sterling silver, with gold-plating, or with rose gold-plating  and engrave it with a special message! Available at Monica Vinader.

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Lulu Frost Code: What’s Your Number?

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Lulu Frost Code

Now that we’ve monogrammed everything from bags to jewels to clothes, what’s left to do?? Personalize using our numbers, of course! I’m a faithful believer in numerology. As a 3, I’m supposed to have the most creative energy of all numbers. Want to find out what your digit is? Just add up each individual numeral in your birth date until it boils down to a single one. For example, if your birthday is 3/14/1980, then add 3 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 26. Then combine 2 + 6 = 8. So your number would be 8. If that’s more work than you’re willing to do, just add up your birth month and favorite number. You don’t have to love math to appreciate numerology! Pieces available on Charm & Chain.

18K Gold Diamond Number Necklace, Assorted Numbers 1-4 : Wouldn’t it be funny if a girl wore her cell number to the club?? It would be a pricy joke, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone! As long as you take a subtler route than that, a single mysterious digit will have everyone wondering what the number means! It’s your choice whether or not to let them in on your little secret.

18K Gold Diamond Number Necklace, Assorted Numbers 5-9 : Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the way you look at it) for you 5-9s, the higher your number, the higher your price tag. The diamond count on your pendant correlates with your number!

18K Gold Stud Diamond Earring, Assorted Numbers 1-4 : These studs are sold individually, giving you the prime number opportunity to test out the asymmetric earring style.

18K Gold Number Rings with Diamonds, Assorted Numbers 1-4 : Like with monogrammed jewels, number jewels can be worn for yourself or for another family member or friend. Rock your number on one digit and your hubby’s on another!

18K Gold Number Rings with Diamonds, Assorted Numbers 5-9 : Or get one for the Snob who has everything – odds are they haven’t thought to find out their number, so it will be a sentimental, personalized gift that they’ll cherish.

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Mise en Dior Earrings: Twice as Nice

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Mise en Dior Earrings

According to Dior’s creative director of costume jewelry Camille Miceli, “Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most striking.” That’s really not giving herself enough credit, though. Camille took a simple idea – the classic pearl stud – and made it into something much more. No one’s questioning the timelessness of pearl earrings, but every once in a while you long for more excitement. Enter Mise en Dior. On the front of your lobe rests a small bead, while behind is a larger, more dramatic one that creates striking contrast and dimension. The asymmetric look is fun, yet completely elegant. The earrings are sold solo, but who’s to stop you from getting two if your Snobby heart so desires? Go with the same style or switch it up – there are two-tone selections and singles in everything from pearl to ruby red! To be available at Dior by late June.

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Halloween Jewelry: Trick or Treat

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Halloween Jewelry

Halloween and costumes go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean your jewelry has to follow suit. Have fun with the holiday’s themes – just do it with pieces that you can also wear outside the month of October! Orange and black, skulls (of the McQueen variety), and creepy crawlies are all on the table. Which will you be sporting for the witching hour?

While there are some arachnid designs out there real enough to scare your friends silly, jewelry is not meant to frighten – it’s meant to impress! 

Nothing gives you a fright like a big price tag, so for Halloween get McQueen’s savagely beautiful style from the diffusion line. 

 The wise old owl is a wise investment. Cameo jewelry has been around since ancient times, proving it’s a style that outlasts all trends. 

 All right, this candy corn Tom Binns might be an October special in your wardrobe, but every once in a while there’s a seasonal treat that you just can’t deny yourself. 

If it weren’t for the brown Swarovski crystals, this 24-legged creation might truly terrify. The Italian designer also crafts serpentine jewels for those with arachnophobia…

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Top 5 Multi-Band Rings: The More, the Merrier

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Top 5 Multi-Band Rings

From nail to midi rings, it’s clear that excess is in when it comes to decorating your digits. Rather than throwing on all of your favorite pieces and hoping for the best, get the job done right in one fell swoop. Multi-band rings create a put-together look without requiring you to actually spend time putting together your accessories.

Speaking of excess, this has enough sparkle to rival an engagement ring! The wavy style speaks to the fun of fashion jewelry, but those diamonds make it clear – this is fine jewelry. 

If you prefer a subtler look, this three-level gold ring will lessen the shimmer, while still maintaining luxe style.

Eddie Borgo’s last hinge ring looked more like a metal brace than a jewel, but this time around, there’s no mistaking. This is like armor for the fashion crowd! 

icon These Art Deco-inspired pieces are the most whimsical of the group and also the only ones you can wear separately.

 Nailhead detailing adds a utilitarian feel to these engraved crystal bands.

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