Dior Spring 2016 Campaign Features Raf Simons’ Last Designs


Dior! It’s not just a brand name anymore; it’s a class, category, type of a woman you won’t have difficulty spotting at a glamorous party. It’s a style and a legend, with incredible power of amazing us every single time. Being one of the most reputed fashion houses in the entire world, Dior somehow manages to survive in an overly commercial atmosphere by creating art. Because Dior is art by itself. We’re now ready to have a peek at the new Dior spring/summer 2016 campaign showing Raf Simons’ last collection for the House.

Dior Spring 2016 Campaign

The images we got our hands on are just a teaser, a small piece of a bigger story we’ll experience soon enough when the collection is in stores. The Christian Dior spring 2016 campaign features the elegant Dutch model Maartje Verhoef and other Diorly magnificent ladies you’ll be hearing a lot about soon, including Sofia Mechetner, Roos Abels, Staz Lindes, Grace Hartzel and Binx Walton. The ads were shot by a famous photographer you often see on Dior photoshoots, the almighty Patrick Demarchelier (we’re a big fan). Staying true to the brand!

The campaign has all the Dior-like qualities we crave. The seductive black-and-white, intriguing styling and flawless clothing. The elegant hair and makeup, as well as the lack of “features” and flashiness should remind you that if you’re up for some tips on how to keep it classy, this is where you should go – a Dior store. Keeping it classy is in the core of Dior ideology and it’s an advantage no other brand can ever beat this brand at. In fact, Dior itself described this campaign as “an homage to femininity, glamor and modernity,” and we can do nothing but agree with that.

The campaign shows off Raf Simons’ final ready-to-wear collection; the enigmatic Belgian designer and his equally enigmatic collection, a former furniture designer now tapping into the world feminine beauty. Unfortunately, he has already resigned from Dior, so this is the last collection you see of their partnership.

Just look at the white skirts under the noble-looking fitted jackets. The curvy hem and the same design seen in the tops as well… these are mind-blowing in the most silent way possible.

As you know, the collection will be available starting January 19th. The clock is ticking and we want the rest of the campaign!

A few final details, the windy hair was accomplished by Duffy, and makeup was done by Peter Philips. Although many of you out there would probably love to see the new Miss Dior, Jennifer Lawrence featured in the campaign, don’t get disappointed too soon. We have a feeling this campaign will be as spectacular as ever, and you would want to have it on your wall as a message of elegance that never gets old.

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Gucci Spring-Summer 2016 Dionysus

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‘Every cloud has a silver lining,’ goes an ancient saying. In the case of the newly released Spring-Summer 2016 editions of Gucci’s Dionysus bags that are now in stores locally, their cloud also comes with a phoenix, a bee and what looks like a giant chrysanthemum amongst the flora. An exercise in more on more on the GG supreme canvas no less, the 30 cm by 21 cm shoulder sling is decidedly beautiful, and one that clearly shows the new artistic leanings of the storied Italian luxury house under the rein of Creative Director Alessandro Michele.


If, however, you prefer something with winged creatures of a more delicate kind, there’s also this variation, complete with large bright blooms surrounding a single butterfly. More kitschy 60s than the oriental-themed one earlier, you can decide which one is for you by heading to Gucci boutiques islandwide, where they will retail for SGD5500 and SGD4810 for the bird and butterfly variants respectively.

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Saint Laurent Cruise 2016 Bag Collection

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Presenting the Saint Laurent Cruise 2016 Bag Collection. The collection features the brand’s latest print, the prairie floral, available in Sac De Jour, Backpack and Monogram Bags. The classic Shopping Tote bag gets an upgrade this season with fringed sides, while the Emmanuelle line has a new addition, the Hobo bag. The brand also introduces their latest bag styles, the Festival Backpack and Helena Bucket bags. Colors for this season includes Black, Dove White, Pale Blush and Brown.

The Saint Laurent Cruise 2016 Collection is now available for pre-order at ysl.com with an estimated shipping date of no later than January 31, 2016.

Sac De Jour



Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Sac De Jour Small Bag $2,990.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Small Bag $2,750.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Baby Sac De Jour Bag $2,590.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Prairie Flower Printed Nano Sac De Jour Bag $2,250.00 (USD)

Monogram Cabas / Shopping Tote



Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Monogram Cabas Small Bag $2,650.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Monogram Cabas Small Bag $2,650.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Fringed Fringed Shopping Tote Large Bag $1,150.00 (USD)

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Preview of the Dior Spring/Summer 2016 collection featuring Diorever Tote

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Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was presented in a recent Press Day which features beautiful handbags in metallic leather and vibrant colors. This season, Dior introduces their newest bag, the Diorever Tote Bag, a structured tote that has two top handle and a flap front that can be inserted inside the bag, leaving the top of the bag open. Also new in the collection are chic duffle bags with raised Cannage print, which make a perfect everyday bag. The Diorama Flap Bags comes in new colors like Gold, Silver and Red and feature a new front closure.

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The Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2016 Bag Collection is here to give us some lessons on high fashion…and we’re loving every bag in the book! It doesn’t come off as a shocker anyway, since we already know that the luxury house is teeming with good taste. Let’s take a look at the bags they have in store for us!



The roomy Monaco bag makes a grand entrance into the runway! What do you think about this bag?






Chained hobos are never a thing of the past. They grace the stage ever so beautifully.












Quintessential clutches in different sizes, shapes and forms!




Intrecciato is the name of the game. And we’re buying it, Bottega Veneta. It’s a quirky pattern that’s highly versatile and wearable. Who could’ve known, right?


Top handles grace the stage with ease.




What do you think about this collection? Are the bags a yay or a nay? Do you have a favorite piece in particular…? Well, you gotta comment and let us know!

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Hello, ladies! Today, we are going to do a run-through of Dior’s Resort 2016 Collection, which will be out in stores soon. Dior is known for giving us some of the most eclectic and funky pieces to date, and with this collection, we are invited to take a peek out into the (yet again) extraordinary designs the luxury goods authority has to offer.



Oh-la-la, what do we have here? Patched bucket bags in fabulous chains! Nothing says ‘summer diva’ than a bag with chunky, gold hardware…or some bold, majestic fabric (with an Oriental-inspired touch) for that matter. Although, we equally love both!


If you’re more of the Parisian chic kind, this black variation with a fancy Dior scarf may be your best bet. Perfect for casual affairs, or even while running errands – in style, of course.


I guess this fancy Diorissimo with cute patches would make you the center of attention as you strut and get it on. Paradise in a bag…literally! Would this be your next new favorite?


This wallet is set to take you places you’ve never dreamed of. If you’ve noticed, Dior is all about the funky patches and patterns over block colors for this collection.


Beaded artistry and fancy metalwork is something you have to contend with. What do you think about this new design? Is this something you would want to have?


Not all that glitters is gold. Metallic, fancy prints, a chunky chain and some dangling trinkets (which surprisingly, does not offset the whole thing) – so much going on in such a quaint handbag. A great statement piece you could have.

We’ve reached the end of our preview, ladies! Dior Resort 2016 promises great arm candies with attitude – something we should all watch out for. Tune in for more updates about this collection, (and other bags) soon!

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