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Just imagine.

What would our lives be without chocolates, shoes and… Italian artisan. It would be like living on the moon with an unlimited credit card.

As we’ve said earlier, backpacks are become more and more popular, the Fendi Bag Bugs Backpack is another proof for our statement. Usually the shape and the functionality are just the same, but you have to love the fact that it’s designed totally in another way.

Which…gives a different experience.

Meet the angry face of Bag Bugs, be happy that’s on your back and not on your face. Everyone behind you will think three times before knocking on your shoulder.

But the Bag Bugs is very creative, besides its two eyes and white/blue banner on its forehead, the additional (large) front-pocket supposed to be his mouth. Then it has even white hair on the top, exactly on the spot where the handle is.

Don’t give this Bag Bugs too much stress, or else its hair will fall off. The bag is refined with Silver Sellia Plaque with engraved serial number. Partly made from calf leather and caiman leather, measuring 34 x 40 x 20 (L x H x D) cm, priced around €3300 euro.




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Backpack fashion is back! Pack your bags, bringing back, back pack. Oh my God! The new Chanel backpacks will put you at a loss of words just as they did me. Speaking of which, they should probably come with a runway-distance warning, beware: mindboggling fashion ahead. But now that we weren’t warned, let’s bear the stylish consequences.

The delish backpacks are graffiti printed and part of Chanel’s 2014 Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection. Karl Lagerfeld himself personalized the bags, giving them an authentic and worn appearance. Everything from hand-woven handles, to splashes of paint and scoubidous to snap hooks adorn each sumptuous piece. But what’s most mesmerizing are the motifs.


Each one is said to have been especially conceived and reproduced thanks to a specific printing procedure, which incorporates a wide variety of shades and array of colors. The quilting of the backpack, the metal initials, the double C pendant and the painted logo make up most of the starring iconic codes. There are also a luggage tag that boasts an aged finish and leather zipper tag in tow.


“There’s a certain lightness and a certain kind of humor in all this,” said Karl Lagerfeld. Clearly there is, wrapped in thick linen canvas. Said humor, however, does not betray tradition and a single design takes over several hours for completion. Available in two and three colors, the backpacks are available in Chanel boutiques, and also for a limited time at Colette. And they’ll bring your childhood back just like the Chanel hula hoop did.

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