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The first time that the Belt Bag was launched, we knew it was something unique and not only because it has two long tentacles on the front.

By the way, the two long straps (tentacles) are quite elegant and unique, have you seen a bag like this before?

But then again everything what Celine makes is quite exclusive, think of the luggage bag… famous because the front looks like a face-expression.

The Celine Belt Bag is minimal, usually they come in single colors. It has expanded sides, almost like two wings for the purpose of more storage. The common leather to make this bag is calfskin, which is strong and durable.

Now for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, we want to share with you the bag that’s available in store. Check out them out below.




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Celine Belt Tote

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Normally, Celine only introduce one or two new bags per season, the others are classics that return from season to season. Like… the Celine Classic Box, like the Celine Edge Handbag, like the Celine Cabas Tote.

But the Fall 2014 Collection is an exception, I am mesmerized and surrounded by many new Celine Bags and they are all so-Celine, ya know – simple and streamlined.

And so, we personally want to introduce to you the Celine Belt Tote, a bag with two tentacles. Though we haven’t seen the bag in real-life yet (we are still waiting for its release), from looking at the pictures, we are pretty sure that the front flap is inspired by the Celine Tie Handbag. If you don’t like the outside-flap, then hide it inside the bag.

The Belt Bag is made from Smooth or natural Calfskin, but it’s also available in crocodile leather. The colors you can choose from are; Burgundy, Navy Blue and Black/Cream.

We do not have the exact measurement of the size, but we do know that you can get this bag for $2,600 USD (in small size) at your Celine boutique or its distributors.



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