The Chanel Gabrielle Bag is Now On Bergdorf Goodman’s Website, but There’s a Catch

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The Boy Bag is nice, leather is great as well, but how about Velvet? Since the first introduction of the Pre-Fall Winter 2015 Collection, the Boy Chanel Velvet Bag has returned again and again as an alternative to the leather edition. For the Velvet, there are pros and cons of course. But at the end, it’s personal choice as well.

Exuding class, elegance and sophistication in one, the bag is in velvet, but it doesn’t stop it from getting the diamond-quilted pattern. This bag is as pretty as the leather edition and it features the same elements as well like the Boy Clasp, the shape and the Boyish chain.

Now Velvet is described to be a tufted fabric, which has a distinguishing feel once you run your fingers through it. Though this kind of fabric is hard to maintain, the good news on the other hand is that it offers a super soft tactile feel, which could tickle your luxury fancies!

The downside is the maintenance, if this is your first Chanel, then you might want to pick the leather edition. Velvet is harder to maintain and you need to baby it more often.

However, Velvet feels extremely soft and luxurious. It gives you different experience than the other materials. At the end, this is a personal choice. But if the Velvet Boy Bag is presented to you one day, will you give it a chance?


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New Chanel Quilted Phone Holders

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Ladies, your phone deserves a Chanel too, don’t you think? Let’s take a closer look at the Chanel Quilted Phone Holders for this new season.

These phone holders are really stunning and they match to your Chanel bags too – Quilted, embellished with gorgeous tiny CC logo, crafted in lambskin or calfskin, you need to get one.

Like all Chanel favorite accessories, these Phone Holders are not easy to get. We noticed that they’re sold-out in every boutique, so don’t wait for the next visit when you have the opportunity to get one.

When you flip a Chanel Quilted Phone Holder, you will discover something unique. To make the design more interesting and exciting, the fashion house has printed three different playing cards on the back – each marked with the house’s iconic symbols like the lady with hat, CC logo and hearts.

If you’ve bought one, then post a comment and let us know what you think.


Chanel Quilted Phone HoldersChanel Quilted Phone Holders

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Velvet was introduced to the Fall Winter 2016 Collection.

Totally unexpected.

Some claim that Velvet is not worth the investment because the material is different than leather. But if you think again, velvet is cheaper and the material makes the color sharper.

Everything has a spot. Perhaps your Chanel leather bag is great as an everyday accessory, and perhaps the Chanel Velvet Bag fits best in your occasional meetings.

Introducing the Chanel Wallet on Chain Bags in Velvet. So what is different?

Uhm, not much. It’s still the same Chanel Classic Quilted WOC Bag that we’ve been used to – Like the beautiful long chains, like the quilted body, like squared shape with fine finishing edges.

If you look closer, you will find that the appearance is a bit different. The colors are sharper, the CC is painted in black, which makes it stands out. But it’s still a beauty!

READ: Chanel Classic Flap Bags in Velvet.

So how about the Velvet, how durable is it? If you want to know, please click the link above.

Now, what should you do with Velvet? It’s not recommended to use it as an everyday bag, because it’s hard to clean than the caviar leather. But occasionally, you will want to wear a pair of simple jeans when going out, and you want to have a Velvet Chanel bag to company you because – to be honest – the colors are gorgeous. I mean, it has its own thing.

So is it worth the investment?

Let us give you the full details right now:

Chanel Classic Quilted WOC (Wallet on Chain) Bag:
Style code: A33814
Size: 4.9’ x 7.7’ x 1.8’ inches






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Retro styles in power collecting all kinds of Chanel

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Chanel bag has always been the dream type package shall countless young girls and women who dream, though one rose to rise each year, 2.55 bags classic models is still well received, but only half the price CF series is also very easy way, is now in power in the era of vintage Chanel bag style also introduced a retro tribute to the package, and even personality LE BOY also mix and match the wind toward the velvet.




With the advent of the era of gold Tyrant, small sachet paragraph glittering chain and metal surfaces, and even then very personality of the girls, which presumably will be “flash blind” golden bag linger.




Elegant Chanel Chanel 2014 spring and summer fashion collections, the sense of design deliberately messy brought T stage, graffiti street style, that as the flu, graffiti and faded elegance and vulgar mix intertwined filling the youthful vigor Feeling.

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Chanel spring and summer series accessories Appreciation

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Remember not long ago, we just appreciate End Lafayette orchestrated the spring and summer of 2015 masterpiece, overbearing street shooting scene and supermodel momentum of thousands of parade. Karl immersed in creativity and Grand Palace also clamoring atmosphere. This back to 2015 spring and summer accessories showed off already complete, so that we the first to see it!



Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015



Has always been the highlight of the package is also introduced many new design this season, az finely colorful beaded Baoshen used, showing colorful gorgeous spring and summer full of texture taste




Classic White also made many changes in the package face full of a sense of space to make more distinctive level



Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015



Classic White also made many changes in the package face full of a sense of space to make more distinctive level




Advanced to the hard shell package can pass the message!




Black and white vintage lace shoes, a big show when I felt very eye-catching debut



Chanel 2015



Printing, sock boots, poles platform sandals, surely it is the latest trend for next season!




Chanel 2015 spring and summer series accessories Appreciation



Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015


Chanel 2015



Accessories are also colorful, embellished details extraordinary place



Chanel 2015





Cambon street map of bracelets, CR’d really like to have one, one day will be made accessories store maps, and still much the fans support. I am afraid Chanel did not expect it!

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