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Ladies, how much love for this bag?

Oh gosh, where do I start?

Charlotte Olympia makes our dream come true, they surprise us with fairy-tale-like handbags and now they have done it again. Presenting the ‘Heirloom Case’ Clutch Bag. It’s a treasure to behold, now read the details.

Everything about this bag is sophisticated – first it’s like a machine made from pearl necklace and jewels. The design is very inspiring and cleverly-made.

The piece features a golden safe lock detailing on the front, can you see that? The interior reveals a crystal-embellished velvet pouch – store everything you need tonight inside.

Carry the clutch bag by hand or grab the top handles for easier carrying. Tonight you don’t need to worry about boring anyone because this bag is so exciting that it will make any dress interesting.

Here’s what you need to know, the size is measured 6.5’ x 9.5’ x 2.5’ (H x W x D) inches and it will be priced at $1925 USD or €1745 euro via SSENSE.



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Charlotte Olympia Cinderella Collection

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If the movie ‘Cinderella’ truly captured your imagination and you are totally obsessed with the beautiful story, then read this:

Every girl has dreamed about becoming Cinderella.

You know, to meet the perfect man, the one that’s meant to be because of destiny.

And to become Cinderella, the most important is to get your shoes right. They are not just pumps, but shiny, with glitter and eye-catching.

To make your dream come true, Charlotte Olympia has prepared the Cinderella Collection. Starting with jewel-like shoes – wear them for the ball or an important event, you will certainly be noticed by your prince on the white horse.


It also includes a ‘clock’ clutch with shoulder chain, inspired by the scene of Cinderella when the clock almost hits midnight. It also features a golden shoe on the top.


Then of course her golden carriage, the pumpkin. Without the pumpkin, Cinderella could never arrive to the ball and meet the prince on time.

So what do you think about this collection?


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Charlotte Olympia Classic Kitty Accessories

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You need to have fun in life, how about… adding some kitty-inspired accessories in your wardrobe? But what you need to know, is that the these kitty’s are not ordinary kitty’s, they are Charlotte Olympia’s classic designs that many ladies crave for.

We’ve posted about Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty-inspired accessories again and again, even in shoes with different super-cute facial expressions.

You need to see that!

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But anyways, we couldn’t keep it secret, we needed to share about the brand-new Kitty phone clutch with chain, which fits perfectly in your designer bag.

And there are more, small kitty wallets in the color you love.


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Charlotte Olympia Valentine Shoes

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Valentine is coming up, have you thought about your gifts? The Valentine’s day is also a good reason to give yourself a little treat, presenting the Charlotte Olympia Valentine Shoes.


They are all treated with hearts, but none is bigger than Charlotte Olympia’s Love Vamp Pumps. Elegant and colored in nude, finished with sultry red heart at its toe – it adds an interesting touch to your classic silhouette.


The Love Betsy Booty is designed in the name of love, an unforgettable shoe perfect for your wardrobe. Made in suede and black, covered with red leather hearts all over the boots. Spread your love and passion throughout the winter and spring seasons.


At Charlotte Olympia: ‘No kitty no Valentine’. The signature Kitty Flats get a flirtatious makeover for the Valentine’s Day. These shoes are called ‘Kiss Me Kitty’ and they are set against smooth black velvet, embroidered with Kitty face you know and the love is finished with an irrespirable pair of puckering red lips.

All available at Charlotte Olympia e-store.


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Charlotte Olympia Watermelon Basket

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Everything that you can imagine, Charlotte Olympia has designed it. She is transforming fantasy into reality – the Bao Bao Box Clutch, Sunkissed Kitty Slippers and the Tiny Luggage Clutch. And just recently, Charlotte Olympia released, for the first time, an Everyday Bag, which includes a pair of gloves and a matching pouch.

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Here’s the next thing, a watermelon-inspired basket bag from the latest collection. It’s witty, interesting and summer-like. Stock it with food and beverages for an extensive picknick at the park. Or carry it to the beach, it’s all possible.

Woven from wicker and detailed with pip-like black bead detailing, it’s made with two clear Perspex top handles. Marry it with a pair of slippers and summer outfits. Measuring 7.5’ x 11’ x 5.5’ (L x W x D) inches, price at $2021 USD via matches fashion.


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Charlotte Olympia Bogart Leather Tote

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You know Charlotte Olympia, she usually busy handbags inspired by fairy-tale stories like the ‘Magic Mirror Clutch Bag’ or cute stuff like the Gummi Bear Golden Clutch.

Or limited but damn gorgeous handbags like the Treasure Chest Clutch Bag

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READ: Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Golden Clutch

READ: Charlotte Olympia Treasure Chest Clutch Bag

But today, we want to get serious and we want to present you one of Charlotte Olympia’s pretty things that can be worn as an everyday bag – the Bogart Leather Tote.

The Charlotte Bogart Tote is a structured and feminine handbag that will give your outfit a gracious final note. A handbag that will be noted as the ‘forever chic’, carry it nonchalantly by the top handle to flaunt the stylish design.


This investment is a buy one get three, it features more than only the tote. You see, besides that it is beautiful, it also comes with a matching gloves and a small pouch that you will certainly love.

Made with an adjustable shoulder strap, you can also carry it with the handles. Featuring a back slit pocket, mirrored comb and an interior zipped pocket and phone pocket, you can easily structure all your ‘must-takes’ inside. Built from durable and strong calf leather, measuring 10.5’ x 10’ x 4’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $3236 via MyTheresa.




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