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Hermes Laura Ballerina Flats are out to get you, girl! We don’t know about you, but we’re really excited about these beautiful calfskins, which bear a classic take on a great design. There is nothing plain about the Laura Ballerinas, because simplicity aside, this baby is made with only the finest material. The craftsmanship is perfect on this piece! Trust Hermes to deliver only the best for their loyal customers.

The Laura Ballerina is a pointed flat which bears so much flair and class – because of its lack of frills and other unnecessary designs, it is highly wearable and versatile, and can be paired-off with almost all of your wardrobe pieces. It has a rose gold plated ‘Double H’ buckle, which adds a shining touch to the neutral leather background.

Also, since it is a flat, it’s not gonna hurt your pretty feet in any way. Sometimes, heels are too much of a thing, that’s why you gotta invest in pieces which are high in comfort and style. The Laura Ballerina pretty much fits the bill in every angle. Way to go, Hermes!

With a leather sole and lining, you can get your very own Laura Ballerinas for $900 USD via Hermes e-store.





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Zip, unzip – the Saint Laurent Classic Paris 10 Zip Flats are here to give you one of the most luxurious pieces of footwear you could ever have. Edgy, classic and totally stylish for everyday wear, these flats combine full-on functionality with comfort.

This model is a 100% goatskin classic Saint Laurent Ballerina shoe, with a leather insole which ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear for the coming years. As part of its sleek and modern design, it has three metal zippers across an elongated vamp and pointy toe. It has a super sexy design and shape, yet it still keeps you on the move as you go along your activities for the day. Atta, girl! Who says you can’t work in style? Don’t let the office drama kill your fashion buzz – trust Saint Laurent to show you the way.

Available in various sizes to choose from, you can get this pair of funky steppers for $895 USD or £505 GBP, via Saint Laurentonline boutique.


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Beautiful, classic and utterly fabulous…but a bit on the hefty side of the boat. Chanel flats are just perfection – quality material, comfortable fit, great design concept, but for the price of at least 3-4 more pairs of equally comfortable and nice footwear, is it worth it, at all?

At this point, it’s hard to choose – after all, you’re paying for great taste and a name that has surpassed generations.

Some would argue that these flats cost more than what they’re willing to pay, while others say that it totally is worth every buck. Some have had bad experiences – from getting their feet hurt with patent leather (and totally realizing the incompatibility post-purchase), to realizing that it wasn’t the right one for them…design-wise. A lot of potential customers are having second thoughts about purchasing a pair for themselves, since they might have some regrets. This is normal though, since it’s never good to lose all your hard-earned money on something you wouldn’t be able to use in the long run.

On the flip side, if you’re talking about a great investment piece that would stand the test of time, these babies could get you through some years of use. They also have great sizes, which make it convenient for everyone. Some have been accustomed to the look and feel of these fab footwear, to the point of purchasing more designs for them to mix and match – with the realization that they have finally found their one true pair.

Ideally, one should consider living within their means, which also stands true when it comes to buying things that we use everyday. In the case of Chanel flats, they are indeed worth a fortune, but they have been priced accordingly (depending on the materials used, the craftsmanship, and other factors). It all boils down to willingness – and if you’re the penny-pinching diva, you might have a hard time bending over your budget. It pays to reassess your spending, as well as your allocation, so you could have your purchases in check.

Lastly, as to answer the question if these flats are really worth your money – yes, they are. Then again, it’s a matter of opinion, and a matter of priorities. Just keep in mind that every purchase you make must be worth your while, otherwise, you will keep on losing precious bucks down the drain. Being a wise consumer takes practice and patience. Happy shopping!

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Do you see something you like?

It’s not a big surprise to let you know that Chanel sells ballerinas; they are available in every season, in Paris and Tokyo.

Sorry, no surprises.

And throughout the years, we have seen Chanel designing all sorts of flats – with pearls, no pearls, with bows, no bows, with silk or jersey, with or no CC charm.

But somehow these new introduced Chanel Timeless Patent Flats captured my attention, I don’t know, it could be the picture with flats laying next to each other, in different colors.

All of them please!

I mean it’s summer right? And you need to choose the right color for the right outfit. They all look nice, choosing is going to be your hardest task, not swiping your card!

But anyways, these Chanel Timeless Patent flats come with a CC logo and a cute bow on the toe. It’s made with a small heel and they’re crafted from calfskin.

You will love it.

Style code: G02819, priced around $750 USD via Chanel boutique.







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Hermes Infinitif Ballerina Flats

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Super-elegant ballerina’s by Hermes and matched with a timeless name, presenting the Hermes Infinitif Ballerina Flats. Designed and then crafted with the utmost care and love, it features a subtle contrasting ‘H’ signature on the front. These flats are a ‘must haves’ for any fashion obsessed as an everyday accessory. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

The Hermes Infinitif Flats are available in two different colors – choose between the beige linen canvas and black calfskin or in poppy red linen canvas and natural calfskin. These shoes are made with rubber sole, they are available at Hermes e-store or boutique for $720 USD, €490 euro’s and £440 GBP.




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Chanel Espadrille Flats 2014

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Chanel,as the popular fashion brand, has win large number of girls' heart.And Chanel Espadrilles are certainly play great role in women daily outfit. Chanel Espadrilles with their finish convenience and the capability to fit any sorts of outfits usually are easily transforming into a most liked involving running shoe addicts many throughout the world. Most of these Chanel Shoes include capability to balance out extremely decorative or maybe some unattractive apparel because of their uncomplicated in addition to excited colorings.



Each incredibly major variables in a vogue usually are ease in addition to convenience. This boots you have on is usually of no use in the event the item reasons pointless issues or maybe inflammation, regardless the way trendy or maybe the way magnificent some sort of attire or maybe a couple shoes and boots appears to be done to you. Chanel Outlet Espadrilles usually are style of boots which often features significant attributes that you hunt for that is certainly ease in addition to convenience letting this consumer to help think hassle-free in addition to up-to-the-minute while doing so. Chanel Espadrilles tend to be manufactured in Chanel Flats because of their bottoms intended to appear like some sort of string. This material for this bottoms is frequently rubber or maybe string. The upper portion commonly covers silk cotton stuff or maybe canvas material for making you sense at ease in addition to comfortable. The leading quality these Chanel Shoes is this jute string singular which enables these individuals by far the most one of a kind style of boots. Utilized commonly over the year summer seasonn they've already come to be extremely shown admiration for in addition to visible involving all people throughout the globe.



Whether almost any custom made model or maybe another uncomplicated wide variety, as well as thought to be safely and securely to imagine that any of us produce your possibilities trying to keep many important factors as the primary goal. A variety of them make up model, convenience in addition to budget in addition to most of these Chanel Shoes from Chanel Shoes Outlet online store include things like the many mentioned attributes. This lavish matter is usually the particular shoes and boots head out wonderfully with all your appears to be as well as connected with what exactly coloration or maybe style of apparel that you are using. Considering include decide to have on anything with simply or maybe anything incredibly decorative having many types or maybe behaviour most of these Chanel Women Shoes including Chanel sneakers and boots the will work ones style many the legal making you glimpse rather trendy in addition to sweet. Chanel Espadrilles for young people are available largely with simple colours that's why there're incredibly productive in the event had having from any of the shiny hued outfits you could possibly include with your clothing collection. From the summers most people choose to have on apparel which might be light-weight, trendy or maybe shiny with coloration so Chanel Espadrilles with Chanel Shoes Online Sales is usually considered some sort of one which will offer you this well-situated sort of boots on your summer season.



By far the most critical factor with reference to vogue is usually of which it ought to be very well synchronized in addition to just about every piece we have now with you have to go along with additional solely subsequently most of us is able to produce your have an effect on that hugely vogue using contemporary society. Claim one example is you cherish using a couple sleek healthy trousers next the narrowing underside is usually contrasted and as such synchronized having a couple espadrilles. Also you can combine decrease your best some unattractive tee shirt by means of slippage with a couple most of these superb. Women Chanel Espadrilles online because of their inborn ease in addition to straightforwardness have grown the reason most of these shoes and boots have grown some sort of almost all most liked from the running shoe cabinets of people many across the world.



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