Bottega Veneta Ciel Intrecciato Glimmering Knot Clutch

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Bottega Veneta is famous for its intrecciato artistry, done with sophisticated artisanal techniques. And if we ever need the ‘perfect’ clutch bag, take the Bottega Veneta Ciel Intrecciato Glimmer Knot, a classic piece from the house.

The design is timeless, but for the newest edition the fashion brand added an innovative glimmer accents, to give the knot bag a luxurious and contemporary edge. Truly an artful piece, the front looks like it has been ripped diagonally from the top right to its bottom left. This impeccably crafted piece has been offset by hand-woven panels of iconic Intrecciato and finished with shimmering ayers leather, carefully put together to give each separated piece a unique look and texture.

Made from lambskin, measuring 6 x 10,5 x 17 (D x H x W) cm, priced at 1700 euro’s, via Bottega Venetae-store.



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Bag of the Week: Bottega Veneta Nappa Leather and Intrecciato Tote

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Bag: Bottega Veneta Nappa and Leather Intrecciato Tote

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Bottega Veneta usually sticks with the classics, but the irregular stripes and gentle shading at the edges of the flat blush panels give this functional tote a ton of texture and visual depth.

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Roma Bag

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The iconic bag by Bottega Veneta – a selection of bright color, wearable, practicable and ideal to use as an everyday bag. The Bottega Veneta Intrecciate Roma Bag combines the best from both worlds; timeless elegance and exceptional versatility.

First it’s true when they say that the beauty is in the details – this bag is made by the best Italian craftsmanship, its luxuriously finished with light intrecciato calf weave, carefully done with love. But more importantly, the design and vision – created to maximize the practicality and comfort without losing its style and charisma. The leather handles are completely hand-woven to give the highest quality experience and as well as the removable leather shoulder strap with brunito-finish accents.

What you love the most is the interior, it’s highly organized and features three large compartments, a coordinated mirror, zip pocket with leather zip pulls and a stylish leather pendant for safely stowing the padlock keys.

Measuring 16 x 20 x 32 (D x H x W) in cm, priced at $3,600 USD or €2700 euro’s via Bottega Veneta e-store.









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Bottega Veneta Pearl Intrecciato Bag

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Wonders and good things usually happen when pearls are involved. Pearls are just the girly-girl thing like diamonds and gold, perhaps this is the reason why CHANEL is so obsessively implementing them into their designs. Pearls rock.

But I kept wondering why on earth Bottega Veneta added ‘pearl’ in the name of this bag, maybe because black and white reminds you of a ‘shell’ and ‘pearl’. But enough said, we purposely selected this bag not only because of its name but also the style. A perfect fit for the work girl who wears black all day long as it is required, you know like a suit.

The Bottega Veneta Pearl Bag is the highlight of the new Intrecciato nappa glass collection; exquisitely crafted in hand-woven nappa leather, innovative accents and the exquisite craftsmanship like the combination of aluminium chain with sheer leather strap, the serigraphic, brushstroke accents that you will find on the flaps and straps. All pieces are well-thought and refined. A compact and stylish shoulder bag with bold chains that’s guaranteed to hold shape.

Measuring 7 x 12 x 18 (D x H x W), made from lambskin and karum, for €1.650 at Bottega Veneta e-store.


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