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Hello Celine, please tell me: ‘What is this?’.

Sophisticated, ridiculous and damn clever, you and I probably have never seen such a shoe before.

Sometimes attraction is not linked to beautiful, not always. Sometimes attraction has everything to do with uniqueness, personality and how do they call it again? Oh yes, authentic.

These Celine Triangle Heel Mul Pumps and the two pair Sphere Heel Booties, people don’t see those every single day. If you wear them, people will to look, but who gives the heck what others think. The most important is that they are creative and crafted from the best leather, everyone can see that in the details – the only iron clad proof.

From Celine Summer 2014 Collection, now let me tell you how much they cost:

Celine Triangle Heel Mule in Midnight Navy and 115 mm heels: €1.650 euro
Celine Sphere Heel Slingback Booties in Midnight Navy and 70mm Heels: €1.870 euro.


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