Crazy fringed Gucci new retro bags

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Gucci fashion bags series tassel elements, fringed Gucci element seems to have become important to identify the elusive fashion. This time we collected a lot of classic Gucci elements tassel bag, I do not know whether you like the fans love this series, free and easy, elegant tassels personality character may become a necessary choice!





GUCCI fashion tassel elements series bags

Exotic tassel very popular in recent years, Gucci Bags bag fashion tassel elements is great enthusiasm for the hot, fringed Gucci seems to be an important element of the identity of the elusive fashion.





Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS

Whether show or on the streets, you can easily find the presence of both tassels. Simple or complex, or a low-key or publicity.





Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS

Join tassel bag design element on the bag so that the entire section is more full, but also with a variety of temperament feeling.





Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS

We found that much of the Gucci logo becomes simple and the atmosphere, although they have become one of the most big logo of the strategy, but if instead of using simple, low-key temperament is not necessarily a bad thing.





Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS





Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS






Gucci fashion bags tassel ELEMENTS




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Louis Vuitton Debuts New Summer 2015 Monogram Collections

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Miu Miu New Lamé Sandals

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Another surprise was around the corner after the debut of Miu Miu’s Fall Winter 2013 fashion show, the unthinkable has been introduced, the new Miu Miu Lamé Sandals. Nothing like this has ever launched, their creativity has run over the edge. In our previous post, we had reviewed Miu Miu’s playful Nappa Biker bags collection followed by their resort 2014 ad campaign and now the new Lamé sandals are specially crafted for the bold girls who dare to be different, it’s fashion at its best. Refinement was not only the key, notice the feminine shapes and the brilliant mix of chic gold and silver blue colors. A timeless piece made from laminated nappa and suede, marry them with striped socks! For €590 at Miu Miu.

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Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection

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The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano.

Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler in the summer than carrying a graffiti-painted, self-made charms (the ones you put together when you get bored in the classroom) bag on your back and combined with street style fashion? I was skeptical at first until I spotted a few bloggers styling it, and they looked darn good.



Naturally, three of the four new Louis Vuitton backpacks need to be printed with the iconic monogram canvas. The design is strenghtend with two buckles non the front. It features two side pockets and a handle on the top. Are you read to climb the mountain?


Another one that Louis Vuitton is going to be released, is much more streamlined. Monogram Canvas is prohibited and it features a simple bucket closure on the front. It doesn’t even have side pockets. If you belief as much as I do, that simplicity is ultimate sophistication, then here you go.

Btw, the last Louis Vuitton backpack is also perfect for work. It’s easy and effortless.

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