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About Loewe.

They have changed a lot recently, I mean visual changes we can see and feel. Their website has gone through a surgery, the face has completely adjusted including the user experience. And besides promoting their most iconic handbag the ‘Amazona’ and ‘Flamenco’, they are now focused more on releasing new accessories.

Not just simple accessories.

Their handbags for example, I recall the ‘Loewe Lia Origami Bag’. It is a tote bag that can be folded just like you would with a large blanket to structure it in the closet and save space.

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And now Loewe introduces the Loewe Puzzle Bag and the name already revealed the secrets, yes it has everything to do with puzzles.

It is a boxy bag and the appearance changes when you adjust your angle. The Loewe Puzzle Bag is a shoulder bag that can be carried by hand thanks to the handles. It’s designed in single color and…

You guessed it.

The bag can be folded just like the Lia Origami Bag. And to get it folded is not an easy thing to do, the volume is created through precise cutting, which determines how it folds. So there are two parts where the designer needs to keep in mind: ‘the look’ and the ‘cutting’, what a complex job!

More features: hand-painted edges, textile lining, embossed Anagram, two pockets inside and the shoulder strap can be removed. Here are the details:

Loewe Small Puzzle Bag
Size: 29 x 19.5 x 14 cm
Price: $2250 USD and 1600 euro

Loewe Large Puzzle Bag
Size: 36.5 x 19.5 x 19 cm
Price: $2550 USD and 1900 euro















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