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Sporty elegance with modern and cutting-edge details, Dior Fusion Trainers Collection Autumn 2015 features a combination of urban-inspired vibe with a touch of couture craftsmanship of the house. Dedicated to the upcoming cold season’s must-have elements in women’s shoes wardrobe, find out here on Fashionbashon the 9 fabulous models of the iconic sneakers of the luxury French fashion brand.

Dior Fusion Sneakers: a mix of luxe couture touch and urban design

The Dior sneakers collection fuses between futuristic and chic sporty slip-on design with the magnificence of couture details. Featuring workmanship of signature lace and embroidery, glam rhinestones and studs embellishments crafted in high-end technical fabrics, lightweight refined rubber and materials, the French fashion house’s iconic designer shoes are exclusively presented in totally unique, seductive and innovative structure, unmistakably a big must element to give a distinctive sense into women’s look of the season. The Dior Fusion Trainers collection represents an elegant yet feminine allure and effortless urban yet energetic attitude at the same time to complete any stylish apparel in every occasion. Available in various choices of low as well as high-top models with several choices of modern and trendy pastel or colors, here are the nine enchanting styles to refresh your footwear closet of the moment.

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Dior Fusion Sneakers black/neon pink with embroidery

Dior Fusion High Top Sneakers with beads & studs applique


Embellished with glam chic signature embroidery in sophisticated technical fabric, the Dior Fusion Trainers collection shows an edgy, sporty design in black refined fabric with vibrant contrasting effect of rubber sole in neon pink. Dedicated to the next Autumn 2015, this version is available in low and high top designs featuring practical Velcro fastener closure with embossed signature logo at front for an ultra-fashionable, effortless yet casual slip-on style combined with the craftsmanship of the house’s luxury couture accents of sparkling beads and sequins details. Check out the other superb models at the gallery below!

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Available at official boutique of the house, the Dior Fusion Sneakers are priced between $925.00 and $1,100, find more features and details of these fabulous footwear at official Dior store.

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An amazing combination

Who could have thought about this idea – blending Espadrille with Sneakers. And it’s another addition to Alexander Wang’s vision in fashion, sporty and chic.

But anyways, please meet Alexander Wang Devon Espadrille Sneakers.

We all know that Sneakers are comfortable shoes, but not everyone love to wear sneakers. Of course apart from going to the Gym, ya know.

Don’t forget to tie your laces.

But Espadrilles? Everyone love Espadrilles, they are the hottest shoes for this season (and perhaps in the next and also the next…and so on).

And so, why not blend them together.

These shoes are the proof of Alexander Wang’s vision of Sporty-Chic. The Devon Espadrille Sneakers shoes will match to your modernity and daytime outfits.

About the construction and the design. These shoes are made from traditional espadrille construction with rope fiber midsole and hand-stitched finishing. It features a rubberized leather sole and interior leather trim detailing.

And the upper part is made form calf-leather. The front of the shoes are finished with chic metal zipper.

Run with these shoes, priced at $505 USD via Mytheresa.



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These Marc By Marc Jacobs Sneakers Are Reminiscent to Some Major 90s Trends

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Marc By Marc Jacobs Ninja rubberized leather and mesh sneakers

Not long ago, we saw these Marc by Marc Jacobs Platform Sneakers on It Brit Cara Delevingne, and not even her green wig could distract me from noticing them. While wandering the Internet, I stumbled upon these shoes again, and now we need to discuss them further–how can we not?

Between the dramatic platform and the clash of wild colors, I’m getting major 90s vibes here. The only thing they’re missing is a strip of light-up detailing going through the zig-zag. Since we are speaking of the 90s, do these sneakers remind anyone else of moon shoes? I hate to admit that I owned a pair as a child (even though they were pretty cool back in the day), but I do wonder if the zig-zag rubber platform would give you the same bounce as moon shoes.

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This Fashion Sneaker Took a Hop, Skip, and a Jump in a Very Different Direction

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Finds and Minna Parikka Bunny Leather High Top Sneaker

It may be early when you read this, and maybe you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet, but I’m here to assure you that it’s not your lack of caffeine that’s making you seeing things. Yes, those are indeed bunny ears popping out of the top of these Minna Parikka High-Top Sneakers.

It’s no secret that in fashion, sneakers have gone beyond just gym attire; now sneakers are a statement all their own, and these bunny ear sneakers definitely have something to say. Whether you see them as playful or unconventional, without a doubt, you’ll either love them or hate them. I can certainly appreciate the innovative approach to make these sneakers stand out, but I know I can’t pull them off.

I can, however, see these sneakers on the likes of twenty-somethings walking around downtown, or even on the feet of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. Right now (maybe because I’ve only had my one cup of coffee for today), she’s just about the only person I can think of who would wear these, and from her styling capabilities, she would probably give these sneakers a compelling argument.

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The Guide To Buy Luxury Brand High Top Sneakers For Fall 2014

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Summer will passing soon, if you want to find some of kicks for the upcoming fall 2014. There are some of luxury designer high top sneakers available choose from for this fall including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. Those top designers kicks in their own different style, take a view and tell us which brand sneaker you like most?

Louis Vuitton

1 Louis-Vuitton-Sneakers 11 LV


1 Chanel-Sneakers 2

1 chanel



1 Balenciaga

Saint Laurent 1Saint-Laurent-Sneakers4

1 Saint Laurent

Givenchy 1Givenchy-Sneakers5

1 Givenchy

Prada 1Prada-Sneakers6


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We sell Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard

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With the hot summer on the way, there are added and added women accede affairs a brace of shoes which can be fit for cutting during the summer season. Then it is aswell the actuality that about humans achievement to cutting a brace of shoes that can accomplish themself both comforty and fashional feeling. cheap louboutin is advised with admirable architecture and fashional appearance that you can buy them from my boutique with a low amount and top quality.
Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard
If you abrasion such a shoes in the crowds, you will be the a lot of absorbing and altered being a part of people. There are ao abounding altered styles of Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers hot auction in my website that you can appear to my online abundance to buy any one you like. Not alone accustomed people, but aswell including acclaimed cool stars aswell abrasion Louboutin red basal shoes presenting a lot of accessible accasions.

Cheap red basal Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard is the shoes fit for cutting during such a season. Please appear to my online store, we action you plenties of red sole cossack with fashional and admirable architecture that you can buy them as continued as you like with a low amount and top superior with our best account and reasonable amount for fast and chargeless shipping.

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