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The Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet is a breathtaking piece that’s bound to keep us excited. We are all about them classy and dangerous designer pieces, and by the looks of it, this wallet really is the ‘femme fatale’ of small leather goods – pretty small if you really think about it, but if you look closely, you could see how fine the craftsmanship on this thing is. Seriously, if you want to buy a designer wallet, consider a YSL – you won’t be disappointed at all.

This piece is a classic zip around (secures all your stuff!) which is large enough to fit all your hard-earned moolah – made with 100% calf skin leather, this is durable enough to withstand years of use (and abuse). You can never go wrong with the material used in this wallet. Inside, there are twelve card slots, a coin pocket, two bill and receipt compartments – a fully functional piece indeed! What more would you ever wish for in a wallet?

Measuring 3.7” x 7.6” inches (H x W), you can get your very own Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet for €545 EUR

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Generally for this season, we do not advice wearing black accessories. But there are moments for exceptions, especially when ‘Cherries’ are involved.

The longer you stare, the deeper you fall. The Saint Laurent Wallet with Golden Chain is gorgeous. And I still prefer the traditional YSL logo, which is not only chic but it also reminds us of its history.

The beautiful ‘Cherry’ prints make it lady-like and exciting. By the way, these are summer-items and seasonal pieces.

In case you need a larger bag…

Saint Laurent has embedded the ‘Cherry Print’ in one of their classic handbags – the Classic Duffle Bags. This bag is small enough to transport by hand and large enough to store all your personal en necessity essentials.

It comes with a leather shoulder strap and printed with the ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ signature.

The combination of black and red is very attracting, and eye-catching. We have also seen it in the recently-introduced Louis Vuitton Collection, they named it ‘Monogram Infrarouge’.

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YSL Shoes – Peep Toes Add Six Inches Height And A Thousand Style Points

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I was really excited to try out these YSL shoes, the Peep Toe Platform heels, the latest in our flurry of shoes reviews from PV. I’m finding, much like the Gucci shoes we reviewed recently, that while shoes are a difficult thing to replicate, perhaps even more so than handbags in some cases. If not for getting the look right, but for the comfort and like, the durability of the shoe.

Yves Saint Laurent Replica Shoes 

Shoes are a practical item in other words, and a good replica has to be comfortable and not give you awful blisters or have the heel break on you. In terms of the quality of the construction, these YSL shoes from PV are sensational. They’re super comfortable for such a high heel and the seams and construction are really well done. I would certainly say the same for the Gucci shoes I’ve recently tried. Style-wise they’ve pretty much got it. The only difference is a slightly lighter leather on the interior of this shoe. While that is annoying it’s not a deal-breaker for me. I did some investigating and didn’t find any other replica that matched this quality for these particular shoes.

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