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Mansur Gavriel's debut shoe collection is exclusively available at Net-a-Porter

Mansur Gavriel’s debut shoe collection is exclusively available at Net-a-Porter

New York-based label Mansur Gavriel has debuted its first shoe line just in time for the spring season. Designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel have created a selection of sandals for everyday wear with flat mules and 70s style platforms in Italian suede. Available in criss-cross and covered styles, these shoes are set to sell out fast. See a preview of the collection below and shop Mansur Gavriel’s spring footwear on

Mansur Gavriel Blue Suede Mules

Mansur Gavriel Blue Suede MulesMansur Gavriel Suede Platform Sandals

Mansur Gavriel Suede Platform SandalsMansur Gavriel Suede Platform Sandals

Mansur Gavriel Suede Platform SandalsMansur Gavriel Suede Orange Mules

Mansur Gavriel Suede Orange MulesMansur Gavriel Purple Suede Mules

Mansur Gavriel Purple Suede Mules

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The Making of the Chanel Two-Tone Shoe

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Chanel Two-Tone Shoe 21

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 Shoe Collection

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If we’d wish for a great dream, it will probably not be the prince on a white horse. Please lock me up in a room full of gorgeous shoes in all colors, styles and my favorite brands like Louis Vuitton. And let me try them on, all of them with no limits.

The Cruise 2014 shoe collection put a smile on our face, well, for 80 percent actually, we are not falling in love with the mud brown flats with Emerald toes, they are unique and look great on the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 outfit, but I am missing the powerful doses of elegance. Other shoes like the crocodile black sandals look amazing matching to the yellow coat, but the none of them can compete against the shiny red and blue high-heels that takes our breath-away.

In our last post; Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 Bag collection, our hearts were beating for the new Neverfull epi leather bag in red and blue. So what makes it a better match than these luxurious shoes? Truly a timeless beauty with shapes purposely crafted for the feminine appeal and golden detailing on the edge for the refinement, it a shoe to love and ideal for the special occasions.

If Bette Midler was right, then giving these shoes with the neverfull epi leather bag to a Plain Jane will help her conquer not the world, but the entire universe. It stand-out even in a simple black or white dress. So do you like?









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Louis Vuitton Blend Shoe Collection

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Louis Vuitton gives the classic Men’s Derby shoes a modern twist with the Blend shoe collection as seen from the Men’s Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show.

Inspired by hiking boots, the Blend shoe is characterised by its surprising combination of materials and colors with technique, practicality and modern detail. The front is crafted from dark matte calf leather with a “LV” perforation on the toe and rubber sole, while the back and heel are made with colorful glazed waxed calf leather. In creating the Blend, a patina technique is employed: a layer of dark-colored wax is removed when the upper is assembled, revealing the brightly colored base. The shoes features padded insock for enhanced confort, and hand-waxed heel & treaded rubber sole.

The Blend Richelieu, a low version, and the Blend Ankle Boot, a higher version with a chevron-patterned tweed collar extension, are released in a range of three colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac. These dashing and daring pairs will add a hiking-spirit to your style; a versatile choice for business and leisure.

Blend Richelieu

Colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac
Price: US$895

Blend Ankle Boot

Colors: Marine, Bordeaux and Cognac
Price: US$980

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Christian Louboutin Boat Shoes? Sure, Why Not.

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Christian Louboutin Steckel Boat Shoes

Where I’m from, boat shoes are all-weather, all-season staples. The preppy ideal lives on in the American South, and when you combine that with mild winters, I’ve known plenty of people, both men and women who never send their Sperrys to the back of their closets to rest. Some of those people may or may not be blood relatives of mine. At least one of them would enjoy the Christian Louboutin Steckel Calf Hair Boat Shoe. That person may or may not be my mother.

Boat shoes originated…well, I don’t know how they originated, but I do know that they’re theoretically supposed to be used during maritime activities. No one I know has ever used them for that, but, hey, not everyone has a boat. This particular pair of boat shoes, however, should definitely not be used near water – calf hair and moisture are not easy bedfellows, and in general, thousand dollar shoes and water don’t mix. Unless you’re on a very large boat, I suppose, because then you probably don’t have to interact with the water very much, and when you do, it’s of your own volition. I also suppose that people who spend this much money on boat shoes know where to find one of those. So, maybe not so much of a problem after all.

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Vote Now! Would you Rather Wear the Christian Louboutin So Kate or Pigalle Follies?

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Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies and So Kate pumps

If any two styles from the Christian Louboutin shoe family are going to be the most identical and cause the most competition, it’s going to be the So Kate and Pigalle Follies pumps. The brand recently introduced the Pigalle Follies, and with the So Kate’s extreme pitch and slender heel, coupled with the Pigalle’s shorter toe box, we have a feeling these pumps are going to be the brand’s next hit.

Today, we are turning things over to you – we want to know which is your favorite! Are you a Pigalle gal or a So Kate lady? I think you might have an idea where my vote will be going.

Buy your pair of So Kates through Neiman Marcus for $625 or buy your Pigalle Follies pumps through Barneys for $625.

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